To Market, to Market!

I know it has been a while since I had Mom post for me. She had to have an operation on her eye because she couldn’t see very well. Now she is healed now and can see a lot better, so I have to hide my chewies even better than before!

I had a big adventure a couple of Saturdays ago. I got to Goforaride! to market. It wasn’t inside a big building, like the pet place, this market was outside, and there were lots of people, and little kids, and even other dogs there! The people were buying and selling lots of good food, and vegetables like Mom grows in the garden at home. There was so much activity and so many people around that I was kind of scared at first. But Daddy Man put my leash on me, and it helped me to have confidence to walk around and visit all the places people were selling things. There was even a lady there selling dog cookies, and she had a water dish by her shop, which I was very happy to visit.

I also met a very special dog named Haley. Haley is a Belgian Malinois like me, and she is small like me, too. She had a job at the market that looked like a lot of fun. She would sit on a stool and watch the people go by, and then her person would give her a hand signal, or a short voice command, and Haley would do exactly what he told her to do. She told me it was fun to show off what her person had taught her, and she was really, really good at it! Mom and Daddy Man talked to the nice man for a long time, asking him questions about his work teaching Haley. I was just happy to see another smart dog who had rescued her person from being alone, and was doing something useful by showing other people and dogs what was possible with a rescue dog.

Hanging out with Mom on the patio

Hanging out with Mom on the patio

The market was a lot of fun, and I hope I get to go again to see Haley and the lady with the dog cookies. My life is full of fun things to see and do, and I am so happy to share it with my people.


Hey, I know you!

Mom and Daddy Man took me out a few days ago and I got to Goforaride! in the car again. They put a weird harness thing on me and I got to sit in the seat next to The Boy. This Goforaride! was longer than the last one, and when we got out of the car we were at the Pet Place, but it was different. It was bigger and noisier, and they had grass in the parking lot where I could go… I was glad because the Goforaride! was longer than usual.

We went inside the Pet Place and it was very crowded and noisy. There were a lot of other dogs around, and some of them were very friendly and some of them scared me. I was glad that Mom and Daddy Man had me on my leash so I knew they would take care of me. When we got into the store, I heard barking that sounded familiar. We came around the corner and there was a big dog in a crate that seemed really familiar, but he was barking at me like crazy so I didn’t want to get too close. Mom told me it was ok, and there was a man there that seemed familiar, too, and he greeted me by name.

Ohmygoodness! The dog was Harley! Harley is my friend from the place that rescued me and gave Mom and Daddy Man to me! I sniffed him through the wire cage, and he sniffed me, and he quit barking. It was so nice to see him! Then the man came and talked to Mom and Daddy Man, and it was Mike! Mike fed me and took such good care of me at the Rescue Place. And the Nice Lady was there, and all the other dogs from the place. They were all looking for new homes, too!

Here’s a picture of Harley from the Rescue Place – he is awesome and funny and I miss having him around.

My friend Harley

My friend Harley

What a great day! I was really happy to see everyone, but I was also glad to get back into my funny harness thing and go home. Home is good!

The Thing in the Wood Pile

There is something small living in the pile of wood in the backyard. I don’t know what it is, but it is small, and skinny and flat… and very, very fast! I spent most of my outside time today trying to catch it, but I couldn’t get at it with all that wood in the way. Made Mom and Daddy Man laugh a lot.

Mom is teaching me a new word “sit!” – when she says “Rosie Sit!” and taps my back by my tail, then I sit down and she gets so happy! I keep trying to remember to do it without her tapping my back, but I get too excited and forget what to do. When she taps my back, then I remember.

Oh yeah, I am going to go to school in a couple of weeks to learn some more. Mom says I am going to start learning something called “Obedience.” I hope it is at the Pet Place with all the animal smells and the yummy treats. That will be fun!

A Note From Mom

Wanted to let you all know that Rosie is doing fine. I have had a horrible cold and have not had a lot of energy for her this week, so she hasn’t had too much in the way of new experiences. She is learning some good house manners, though she’s had a couple of accidents – one was my fault for not seeing her cues that she needed to go out, and the other was not a potty accident, but rather a lesson in Gravity when she decided she wanted to physically see what was inside the pan on the stove that earlier in the day had magically produced pancakes. I think the sound that the metal pan made when it hit the tile floor was enough that she will hopefully not try that again. Thankfully the stove had been off for several hours and the pan was empty. I will need to try to remember to move things to the back burner when I am done, just to be safe.

Rosie is learning very slowly that the Daddy Man can be trusted. She still has issues with him every once in a while, and they seem to be related to times when she thinks he is trying to dominate me or one of the kids. My husband is a fairly big, strong man, and has facial hair which may be part of the problem, but he is also a gentle man and understands that Rosie has some history she can’t tell us about. He’s doing his best to talk to her and make sure she knows when he is coming into the room, or getting up from his chair. We also have started a morning routine of going in to see him before he gets out of bed in the morning (I am an early riser, he is not) and she seems much calmer with him most of the time. If any of you readers have advice on this matter, please comment, we are making progress, but it is so slow.

Finally, though she didn’t have a lot to say this week, she did want you to know she is doing well, and she has put on just a little weight since she came to us. Here’s a photo of my view as I type this…

Rosie’s Comment: Mmmmmm, pancakes!


Remember the other day when I told you all about my Ball! and how I buried it so Mom and the Scary Man wouldn’t find it again?  Well they never did find it, but I know exactly where it is… I think.  Anyway, since they couldn’t find it, they got me a new one and it is awesome.   I had been running all over the yard and jumping around with it, and Mom and Daddy Man threw the Ball! for me and I chased it.  I was already tired when Mom took this movie of me. But that wasn’t even the best part of my day!

Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh!  I got another new toy for inside the house, too!  It’s another one that Mom puts yummy treats like peanut butter and biscuits into, but this one has lots of slots and holes in it so I can actually get the good stuff out of it.  I love this thing!

I played with this thing for more than an hour, it was fun to chew, and it had yummy treats inside and I could pick it up and bite it and it rolled a little bit but didn't get away from me.  Mom says I have to stay on the blanket with this toy, because it is so messy. Awesome!

I played with this thing for more than an hour, it was fun to chew, and it had yummy treats inside and I could pick it up and bite it and it rolled a little bit but didn’t get away from me. Mom says I have to stay on the blanket with this toy, because it is so messy. Awesome!

Note from Mom:  This really is an excellent dog toy.  Rosie spent a good long time this evening chewing and pushing and pawing at this great treat ball.  It is made by Kong, and is constructed of durable rubber.  It is designed as a sort of puzzle for the dog to figure out and get the treats out, so it engages their mind, helps alleviate the need to chew, and it gives them a little something tasty in the process.  I am posting a link to Amazon, where you can buy this awesome toy.  They are an affiliate of mine and if you decide to buy one of these through my link, we get a tiny bit of money to help buy more toys for Rosie.  Here’s the link…

The Scary Daddy Man is Home

Sorry I have not gotten Mom to write for me for a couple of sleeps.  She has been coming and going a lot and I have been in and out of my crate all day long every day.  By the end of the day I have so much energy I feel like I want to explode!  Mom takes me out in the yard and we play a new game called “Rosieisaspaz!” and I run and jump all over and chasemytail and rollaround and run around and around and around!  I get so tired after that I just collapse, and so does Mom.

The Scary Daddy Man came home latelatelate last night. He was somewhere far away and he smelled weird.  I was asleep in my crate when he came to say hello to me.  He let me smell him and that helped me remember who he was, so I wasn’t really scared.

Today I spent most of the day on my leash next to him, and he fed me and took me outside and petted me a lot.  He let me off the leash a couple of times and I was ok for a while, but then I got startled and had to bark at him.  But it only happened a couple of times and when he put my leash back on me, I calmed right now.rosiedaddylong


Today I got to get in the car and Goforaride!  Mom put a funny harness thing on me, and let me sit behind her in the car, not the big one where I rode in my crate, but the small one that won’t fit my crate.  The harness thing hooked to the seat by a long strap and I was able to look out the window or lay down or even stand for a little bit. What I couldn’t do was drive, which is what I really wanted to do.  I want to be in control next time we Goforaride! – I wonder if Mom will let me.

When we got out of the car, we were back at the big pet place where we went before.  I got petted by some nice people, including one of the men that work there, and everyone told me I was a good dog when I walked on the leash.  I don’t know why that makes me a good dog.  If I don’t walk when the leash is moving then it pulls at my neck and I don’t like that.  Mom made me practice Heel! for just a few minutes and we walked really fast through the aisles with all the food. That was fun!

Then we got to Goforaride! again, and we ended up at another animal place that smelled like medicine and many other dogs and cats.  I nice man came and gave me some treats and looked in my ears and checked my feet and my teeth.  I wasn’t scared of him because Mom stayed with me, and held onto my leash.  When we got back in the car, Mom gave me a drink of water from a paper cup.  It was hard to drink from the cup and it splashed all over… I might have splashed it extra for fun.  Mom laughed at me.

Scary Daddy Man isn’t here tonight.  He left today and told me he would be back in four sleeps.  I hope I can remember him well enough that I don’t bark when he comes home.  He’s not THAT scary anymore.

More Leash Work

I had to post again today and let you know I spent the whole day on my leash again today. But this time it was the Scary Daddy Man holding the other end of it. It wasn’t as bad as it sounds, he really is a nice man, and I feel better when I am on the leash somehow.  I was able to keep it together almost all day, and I only barked at him one time after he let me off the leash.  I forgot where he was and when he stood up it scared me.  Then I remembered and I calmed down pretty fast.

Me doing some leash work with the Scary Daddy Man- see how calm I was the whole time?

Me doing some leash work with the Scary Daddy Man- see how calm I was the whole time?

I also made a new friend named Jenny.  She is nice, and smells a little bit like cats, but that is okay.

Oh, and this morning I forgot to tell you about going to the big animal place.  Mom and Dad took me with them when they went to pick up the kids at their school, and on the way home we went to the big building with all the dog food and toys inside. There were a lot of people and dogs on leashes, and a lot of scary sounds and smells, but I stayed calm and followed Daddy Man on my leash and I was ok, it was even fun after a little while.  We walked around and looked at toys and small animals that I wanted to eat, but I controlled myself.  I rode there in my crate in the back of their big car, and I even jumped down from the back all by myself. Daddy Man had to lift me up though, because I am not tall enough to see into the back of the car, and I was afraid to jump somewhere I can’t see.

Rain is Exciting… for about 2 minutes.

I didn’t make Mom write for me yesterday because not much happened that was exciting.  It rained ALL day, and my new yard was wet and muddy and even filled up with water in some places.  I didn’t want to go outside very much, but Mom made me.  I did get a new chewy thing, and Mom put peanut butter in it.  Peanut Butter is good!  It’s fun how it sticks to your mouth and gets on your nose when you try to eat it. Yum!

Also, I feel bad because I was so bored yesterday, and I had so much extra energy, I barked like crazy at the Scary Daddy Man.  I also barked at the younger man, the one Mom called her Boy.  I felt bad, but we were all cooped up in the house together and there was not a lot to do.  There is also a smaller female human that lives here, but she was in her crate most of the day.  I guess she was bored, too.

This morning the rain had stopped and everything was very wet, and the air was chilly.  I had lots of energy and Mom took me out and let me run all over the yard.  I tried to run to every corner and then Mom tried to get me to play something called Fetch! with the new rubber Ball! she got me.  It was fun to watch her throw it and then go and get it for me.  I guess I don’t quite understand the point of the game yet.  I did hear Mom talking to the Scary Daddy Man about making me a playground in the backyard. I don’t know what that is, so I will have to wait and tell you about it later.


I learned a new word this morning… Ball!  Ball! is fun, it is a round thing that fits in my mouth, though I have to be careful or it will fall out and bounce and roll all over the place.  I learned Ball! because Mom brought me one and then taught me how to play with it.  She held it out to me and let me bite it, but she wouldn’t let go of it.  Then she moved it around a lot and got me to bite it again, but still wouldn’t give it to me.  Then she threw it a little ways away and it bounced a little bit and rolled and then I REALLY had to get it! So I chased the Ball! and finally got it, and I ran around with it and shook my head a little because I was excited. That’s when I found out that I had to hold it tight or it would get away… When it gets away it bounces and rolls some more!  Then Mom called me over, and I brought the Ball! with me and she asked me to DropIt and I gave it to her and she was really happy and tossed the Ball! a little ways away again and I chased it and caught it and ran around some more.  We did it a couple more times and it was fun.  Then the Scary Man, the one Mom calls “Daddy,” came out with us and I barked at him because I was really excited by the Ball! When he sat down with Mom I was able to calm down and apologize to him for barking.  I was tired out from the Ball! and the barking so I let him pet me and then the Scary Man gave me the Ball! and I took it around the side of the house and buried it really quickly so they wouldn’t take it away again.  I buried it so well that when Mom went to look for it later she couldn’t even find it.  I am a good digger. I wish Mom would let me help her dig the holes in the garden.  I might dig the Ball! up again later and play some more with it. Or maybe not.  Right now I am tired and want to take a nap in the house.

Update from Mom

Mindy here – Rosie is taking a break this evening since she had such an eventful day today – she worked with me some more in the yard and on her leash, and she is trying really hard to overcome her fear of the Scary Man, who is my husband.  We are now positive that Rosie suffered some abuse somewhere in the past and we are so grateful that CAAR rescued her and allowed us to bring her home.  She is really a sweet girl, and so very smart, so we know she will figure things out eventually.  Tomorrow will be 7 sleeps as part of our family, she has already come so far!

Leash Work is Hard Work!

Mom has been letting me run around the house and the yard a lot without my leash.  She said she trusts me because I have been here 5 sleeps and I have not had any accidents.  She is watching me pretty closely, though – but so far I have remembered not to potty in the house.

Mom had to go away again this morning for a while, but the Scary Man stayed home with me.  He talked to me, and gave me one of the stinky treats I like, so I let him stay.  He left when Mom came home and didn’t come home until after dinner.  I was mad at him for going away, so I barked at him.  He seemed sad after that, but I couldn’t help myself, he was really scary.  Mom helped me to calm down, and then I apologized to the Scary Man.

After Mom got home, while the Scary Man was gone, I got to do some work.  I am a working dog, so I was really happy!  Mom worked on her garden, and I helped her by chasing some birds away and I protected her plants while she dug some holes. I wanted to help dig the holes, too, but she wouldn’t let me.

Here I am guarding the baby carrot plants - don't I look sharp!

Here I am guarding the baby carrot plants – don’t I look sharp!

When she was done digging, she got the leash out and told me we would do some “Leash Work.” When she put the leash on me, I felt very important and knew that I had to do a good job.  The leash means I need to pay attention to what Mom is saying and doing, and try to remember to do what she asks me to do.  We walked around the garden connected by the leash, and then she took me out to the Frontyard. The Frontyard was full of all kinds of different smells and sounds and things, and I was scared by some of it.  But Mom was with me, and she let me sniff things and we watched the big metal cars go by.

When we came back in the house I was sooo tired!  I took a long nap.

So tired after all that work!

So tired after all that work!